I’ve spent my morning pondering a story that I have told on stage for several years now. In general, it seems to have connected well with my audiences but it now needs an update, a remodel, a redo. I’m not changing the story – the core of a good tale remains relevant. I am working on the delivery of the story.

I have some new things happening in my life: my husband has a new job, our son is getting married in November, our first grandchild is on the way, some people have left my circle of influence and new friends have come in. Change brings different perspectives that I appreciate. Bob Dylan sings a song about change. It is not always easy, in fact it hurts sometimes – but it is all so necessary.


I have a friend who I collaborate with from time to time and who has also helped me refine some of my stories. When there is too much in a story she says, “You’ve got to cut your darlings.” How stinkin’ hard that is! I don’t want to leave my darlings out, but The Times They are a Changin’!!

What do you need to change to make the delivery of your story better?

Give a listen to Bob Dylan as he sings: