My husband and I were in a car accident on Saturday. Steven is doing well, just a little stiff. I was at the point of impact. Let me say, "OUCH, OUCH, OUCH!!!” We will be ok, just need to heal for a while and then there is, of course, hunting for a new car (it was totaled), medical bills, paperwork, insurance, etc. to have to take care of. It will take a while.

I mention this because a surprise situation like this gets you thinking: no one really knows the twists and turns life will take. I want to wake up in the morning joyful and go to bed knowing I did my very best that day. I want to connect with someone every day; make a phone call and chat, go for tea with a friend, or stand in the front yard and talk to a neighbor. I  have a bookmark that I keep in my calendar with a quote I love:


That’s what I want, to live every single day of my life.  I also wish the same for you.

Tonight I will call each of my children, I will welcome my husband home from work and hug him (gently, because I am all bruised up and sore) and I will choose to be thankful for the pain because it means I am alive.