New lessons, programs and performances are always being developed. Each program and performance lasts about 45 mins. Lessons and residencies can be customized to fit your needs. All lessons are directly related to the common core and interactive, allowing students to experience the art of puppetry, storytelling, poetry and music while gaining knowledge in the core academic lesson. Teacher’s Guides, Lesson Plans with Common Core and Essential Standard connections are available upon request after a program has been booked.


2019 - 2020 Residency Program (grades 2-6)


Literacy: Build an origami book and fill the pages with your own story and art work.


  • Insects

  • Ocean Animals

  • Pond Life

  • The Five Senses

  • Christmas Around the World

  • Farm Animals

  • Recognizing Numbers 1-10

  • Recognizing Numbers 11-20

  • Fairy Tales: Real or Pretend?

  • Weather Wear through the Seasons

First Grade

  • Time

  • Counting by 2,5,10

  • Counting Coins

  • Place Value

  • Verbs

  • Nouns

  • Short Vowel Sounds

  • Long Vowel Sounds

  • Rainforest in Blacklight (puppetry); camouflage (3 day residency)


Second Grade

  • Friendship/Citizenship/Responsibility (3 days puppetry)

  • Life Cycle of the Butterfly (2 days)

  • Place Value and Regrouping

  • Comparing Life Cycles of the Butterfly and Frog

Third Grade

  • The Water Cycle (limited to 15 students, 5 day residency with performance to larger audience)

  • Cinderella throughout the World

  • Main Idea of a Story (2 day residency)

  • Fairy Tales – Rewriting the Story (2 day)

Fourth Grade

  • NC History

  • How to Organize a Story: The Naming of Charlotte (Piedmont) and The Wright Brothers (Coastal)

  • Poetry

  • Conflict Resolution (2 day residency)


Fifth Grade

rain forest
  • Rainforest and Black Light–interdependence (10 day in-classroom building residency, with performance for a larger audience)

  • Rainforest and Black Light –interdependence (one day classroom lesson)

  • Conflict Resolution

  • A Bit about Life in the 1940's

Assembly Programs (Preschool through High School)

Stories can be mixed and matched to create a program that meets your specific needs.

Stories can be mixed and matched to create a program that meets your specific needs:

  • Life Cycle of the Butterfly

  • Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, and Legends from Around the World

  • Celtic Stories

  • Native American

  • The Queen City’s Name: Charlotte, NC

  • Jack Tales

  • Corporal James Tanner and Clara Barton (both knew President Lincoln and shaped our Nation’s history in unexpected ways)

  • Almost Scary Stories

  • And More!!!


Invite me to your school!

Thank you for such a marvelous performance —all the students, from the pre-kindergartners to the tenth graders, were mesmerized. Many people were sure there were several people behind the curtain and were so surprised to find one very talented lady doing it all. Your background in teaching and storytelling shines, and we appreciate the excellence of the program you brought us.
— Chester Caswell, Principal | Adventist Christian Academy Charlotte,NC
Lona, thank you so much! Our students were beaming with excitement as you made the stories come to life! What a gift you have! Several students commented, “You are the best storyteller ever!”, and I agree. This is a day Daisy Elementary will not forget!
— Debra Rogers, Daisy Elementary, Loris SC, Media Specialist