Our daughter Genette is 24 weeks pregnant and the nickname of the baby is Little Foot. (Remember that movie, The Land before Time? One of the dinosaurs in that movie was named Little Foot).  She and her husband decided to do a gender reveal party with a dinosaur theme, of course. At the ultrasound when the gender of Little Foot was discovered, they had the technician write it down and seal it in an envelope. Genette and Abe had no idea if the baby was a boy or a girl. Genette gave the envelope to her very good friend, Alyssa, and she planned the “reveal” for the party.


I have to hand it to them for having patience; they waited a week and a half after the ultrasound to get the news and Alyssa waited that week and a half keeping the secret from Genette and Abe! I’m not sure I would have able to be so patient.

At the gender reveal party, Alyssa put colored sand in two red glass bottles to keep the colors a secret. At the appointed moment, Genette and Abe poured the sand into a clear glass cube which revealed the gender of Little Foot: pink and purple for a girl or blue and red for a boy. We all counted down, “One, two, three!” and the sand flowed pink and purple.

A GIRL!! Our family is having a girl!! How exciting!

Little Foot’s story has a great beginning. I look forward to being able to tell her about the excitement we felt when we found out that she was coming into our lives.  I’m going to write it down, too, so when she is older, Little Foot will be able to read about how very much she is loved. 

I encourage you to write down your stories too and share them with the little ones in your life.