Family Stories
Life on the farm in the Catskill Mountains was filled with stories. We heard about the antics of our relatives, like the time Uncle Edgar tried to fly. Or what happens when you push a buckboard down the side hill with a passenger, but no brakes. And of course my siblings and I got into our own situations as well.  

Celtic Lore
I'm proud of my Scottish heritage and love Celtic stories and music—and I even like my tartan! My clan keeps detailed records of our genealogy; everyone in the family line of John and Betty More has a birth order number, so I know exactly from whom I descended. 

Almost-Scary Stories
Sometimes it's good to be almost-scared. These stories might make your heart pump a bit harder, but each tale ends with a groan, a chuckle or a roll of the eyes.

Scare Your Socks Off!!
For an older audience there are stories and legends that are really creepy and can scare you out of your socks. Bring a friend to hang on to and listen to these tales…if you dare.

Jack Tales
Everybody loves these hilarious, old-timey mountain tales about a rascal named Jack, plus giants, singing animals, Jack's pals and even a touch of magic.


 Fairy Tales
These "tales as old as time" have been around since the dawn of the ages. (I wasn't there, but I've been told.)

Wit and Wisdom about Herbs, Flowers and the Garden
Did you know that basil was once sacred in India? Or that parsley has been said to belong to the devil? Or when you give someone a yellow rose means it means you are jealous? Sit back and enjoy stories about common plants that surround you every day.

History is a series of stories that need to be told. History ties our lives together and keeps us grounded. Most of all, history is interesting and answers questions you never thought to ask—for instance, what does the Revolutionary War have to do with stock car racing?

Stories That I Like (public domain)
We all have stories that we just like and love to share. From trickster tales of Anansi the Spider to recitation of poetry, these are stories that might take you back in time or bring you forward to a moment yet to come.

Original Tales
My brain sparks and I think of a story. Somebody tells me something entertaining, I see someone doing something amusing, a friend or family member remembers an antidote, or I want to live in a fairy tale, so I write one...life just keeps happening. I grab those moments and put them in a story. 

Invite me to your festival!

Lona Bartlett was a delight to have at the Matthews Alive! Festival. Lona has a great sense for the crowd she is entertaining for. Her walk around stage was a HUGE hit for all ages! We hope she can come back.
— Geralynn Trellue, Director | Parks, Recreation & Cultural Resources, Matthews, NC