WOW. And GASP! It is incredible how many people have stepped in to help my son battle cancer.

His girlfriend, Amber, has been absolutely amazing. She kept me informed when Byron first went into the hospital. Then she stayed with her parents and loaned her apartment to me so I'd have a place to stay during Bryon’s first round of chemo.

Amber’s parents, Cyndi and Dave, have opened their home to all of my family as we've traveled to California to be with Bryon.

Our oldest daughter, Genette, started a fundraiser for Bryon on FaceBook, and some of my classmates from high school (even though high school was quite some time ago) chipped in to help with his medical expenses. And these were kids I didn't even hang out with! Storytellers added to the fund. So did Bryon’s friends, my friends, Genette’s friends, our youngest daughter Carmen's friends. My family has been overwhelmed by the help we've been offered. 

Extended family on my side and my husband’s side have been such an encouragement and help. There are just too many people to mention.

Many have sent cards of support, silly stories, jokes and puns to lift our spirits. Prayers, good thoughts, best wishes, text messages and positive energy have come from not only all over the United States but from the United Kingdom, Greece, Australia, countries in Africa…who am I missing? (I know I must have left someone out.)

This broad and generous support has brought me to a deeper understanding of what it really means when we say, “It Takes A Village!” I had no idea that our "village" was so extensive. How, oh how, do I say thank you for EVERYTHING and EVERYONE who is part of #TeamBryon? You have touched my heart and even healed wounds that have lingered with me for far too long. I've learned that people who do not know you can and will become part of your life; and that's a good thing. It truly takes a village.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. You are appreciated!

Sincerely and with love,