Have you ever watched the Great British Baking Show? I like watching it because the competitors are not professionals or celebrities; they are people who just love to bake. They come from all walks of life; teachers, lawyers, ministers, homemakers, project managers. The contestants are a range of ages, male and female, of different nationalities and heritage, and live in a variety of communities.

In the show, each participant is given an area in a large tent with everything needed to create delicious baked goods. The stakes are raised with time limits, technical challenges, incomplete recipes, and, of course, the all-important taste test. Sometimes things work out perfectly for the bakers; sometimes, however, it is quite literally a flop. Everyone in the tent is proud of their creations and wants to win. They are competing with one another, yet if a fellow competitor isn't finished and the final seconds are counting down, it's not uncommon for another baker to pitch in to help.  It is endearing and encouraging to watch.


It's easy to get so caught up in our own "stuff" that we overlook opportunities to help and encourage others. Even though we might be under pressure and stressed, I hope that that we would each be willing to stop and help someone else who needs a hand. No matter the other person's occupation, nationality, heritage, gender, or where they live, I hope we will be kind, remembering we are all on this earth together. Whether it's through a TV show, an inspiring story from the news, personal example, or all of these — I also hope we will abundantly share examples of kindness with the young ones in our lives so they, too, will learn to be generous and kind to others.