Recently I did a residency at an elementary school in Charlotte, NC. I participated in an assembly for the 3rd, 4th and 5th graders that focused on North Carolina history. I told the students a story about how and why Charlotte, NC got its name. I also worked with a class on Conflict Resolution, using mop and broom puppets.

After time in California helping my son, it feels good to be back doing what I love. Still. I find that Bryon stays on my mind, and I wish I could make things better for him. One day, after his chemo treatments, I asked him how he felt. Of course he said "Not good." I asked him what I could do for him, and he told me, “Nothing, Mom. I just have to go through it. You need to go and do you for a while.”  

So, I am doing me: working on storytelling and puppets, booking shows, writing…yep, doing me. All the while, I'm still thinking about my son who is fighting and fighting hard. For all of you out there who have your mind on someone you love, I send you a reminder: Don’t forget to do you!