The eclipse!! All the preparing for this rare event which only happens maybe twice in a lifetime. Amazing huh?


Have you seen the USPS eclipse stamp? We got some and have been using them. Then my husband saw a news segment on TV about what really makes them special. He came into the kitchen holding the sheet of stamps he purchased and said, “Watch!” He held his thumb on one of the stamps and when it was warmed it revealed the moon. We were both excited and tried this almost magic trick again and again, saying, “That is so cool!” It was a small, rare, moment that you would have not known about unless I told you the story. That moment will never happen again in my lifetime.

Our lives are made up of rare moments. I love this paraphrased quote:

The universe is not made up of tiny atoms, but tiny stories.
— Muriel Rukeyser

How true is that? I think it is wisdom to share those tiny rare stories. Write them down, orally share them, pass them to your children, tell your friends. Those tiny stories pass on knowledge, surprise, and even a smile. It happened just a moment ago. A friend called and I read this blog to her, she laughed about the stamp and said in an excited tone, “Really? It does that? I gotta go try that.” I gave her the moon, and it only took one rare moment. I have no doubt she will share her rare moment too.