Once a month I get together with a friend, Gwen Bowen, who is also an artist. She is an amazing potter and owns Frog Crossin’ Pottery.

When we get together, we talk shop. It is a time for us to discuss the challenges we face as women, entrepreneurs, and artists. We talk about how and where to find opportunities to market, annoyances we encounter, and great things that have happened. Gwen tells me she has booked another craft fair, I tell her I’ll be doing a trade show at the end of the month.

This artist meeting motivates us to set realistic goals for our businesses. We are more likely to accomplish those goals because we know we will be meeting again in 4 weeks and there will be questions of accountability. There is also something to be said about meeting with someone who is an artist but not in the same field. At times we have to take some moments to explain what is involved with the creation of our art. This increases our ability to converse with our customers and clients and gives us each insight on what information they need to have to make good decisions.

I have learned much about pottery from Gwen; in fact, I own several pieces of her usable art. I am thankful for our monthly artist meetings and our friendship. 

Check out Gwen's work on Facebook.

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