People keep talking about their “Bucket List.” I don’t have one. When I think about a bucket, I think about limitations; a bucket will only hold so much. A limit. I don’t want to put a limit on myself, so I have decided that I have a Life List—things I want to do in my life.

Some of the things on my list are well within my control and others are out of my control. My desires, my dreams, my goals, my plans; I put them all on my Life List because I also know there is a "what if, and is" in every life list. When I am writing a story I keep asking myself, “what if” as well is “and is.” For instance:

 "WHAT IF the kid finds a skateboard while being chased by the bear AND IS saved?"

WHAT IF the cat in the advertisement jumps out of the magazine AND IS found talking?"

"WHAT IF I go a party and just happen to talk to the CEO of a major company
AND he IS looking for a puppeteer and storyteller for the company Family Fun Day?"

Hey, it could happen because of ‘what if, and is.’ I invite you to make your own Life List and put it on paper—because in the center of a Life List there is an ‘if’ and an ‘is.’

Here are some things on my Life List. Believe me, there are a lot more—but these are just a few.


What's on your Life List??