This blog is late. I mean like really late! So late, in fact, I thought why bother. But then I thought why not just write about being late. So I am blogging about this blog being late.

It began with the internet. I was out of town last week, and the internet wouldn’t connect. So, whatever I wrote would not be able to be posted. Then my mind was blank. I sat down several times to write but nothing came, the words didn’t flow, they got mixed up, they didn’t say what I wanted them to say.

I have several half-finished blogs that will probably never see the light of day. If they do, they will not be the same as what is currently written. I will have to change them around, reword them, shake them up, do it differently.

At one point, I had a feeling of almost panic. AHHHH, I’m late!!! Then it occurred to me: I’m just late. It’s no big deal. There are times when being late is a big deal. Take, for instance, flying. If you are late for the plane, it leaves without you. Or voting. If you are delayed by a day, then you can’t vote. Then there are times when you cannot control being late, as in giving birth. My last two babies were late; my son by ten days and my youngest by, wait for it…21 days (and then we had to make her come)!

Then there is the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, who is always running late.

That’s all for now; my husband just asked me if I’d like to go for a walk in about 10 minutes. I must get ready, so I’ll be on time.