Today is National Vanilla Pudding Day. Did you know that vanilla pudding had its own day? I didn’t. It is also National Solitaire Day. Who knew that solitaire needed a day, too? Maybe Vanilla Pudding Day was created to support Solitaire Day… obviously, you eat vanilla pudding while you play solitaire. Also, it is National Buy a Musical Instrument Day. So, you go out and buy an instrument after you are bored from playing solitaire and eating vanilla pudding? I like to look up National Days; I find them amusing.

What’s the story behind them?

Who registered Vanilla Pudding Day? Why was that so important to them?

How about solitaire? Who came up with that?

I don’t know the real stories behind these “special” days, but I do believe they are the start of a great tall tale.

Have a good day. I think I’ll play some solitaire, eat some vanilla pudding, and go buy an instrument.

What are you going to do today?