I started my blog this morning about Reclaim, Recycle, Repurpose, Reuse and then thought, “this could make a good series.”  I truly believe that too many things are thrown in the landfill that could be reused in some way.  Being a storyteller I really love the stories and ideas that come from repurposed items. It is a resurrection in a way; new life, new purpose, new reason.

In the series I’ll take some pictures and show you some of the projects that I’ve worked on and some that are still in process.  I am not sure I will blog about this every week but certainly once a month (I need to put that on my calendar to remember).


Here is the project for today:

I have many instruments – flutes, guitars, percussion and some others. They were being held in a very large black plastic container, not attractive in the least. I wanted something cute to store them and keep them accessible and organized.  Each time I went to a thrift store I looked at cabinets that I could use but nothing seemed quite right.

Then one day my husband and I went into a GW Boutique (Goodwill store) and shining rays illuminated around this piece of furniture, the sirens sang and drew me in closer. My eyes beheld the splendor of a…wait for it… rack for golf bags.

It was very dusty, dirty, and in need of a seriously good cleaning but I knew it would get my instruments out of the plastic container and could also be a nice addition to my home. There was a place for my guitars, a shelf for my flutes on the bottom, and extra space for my frame drum. There were drawers to hold tuners, extra strings, and guitar straps. I LOVED it!! So for $20 and a couple hours of elbow grease I ended up with a wonderful station for my instruments.

I am considering painting it and putting casters on the bottom so it rolls but for now it works just fine.  This golf rack has a new life and a new purpose. I love it and it works perfectly for my instruments.

What has a new purpose or a new story in your home?