Remember those easy raised beds I told you about on May 8, 2019?

I posted a picture of the new cucumber plants I had put in them.

Well, they’ve grown!

I’ve been harvesting some great cucumbers, until recently. I was harvesting when I noticed some tiny holes in them – there are pickle worms in my cucumbers!

The battle has begun; I am fighting for my cucumbers.

My first line of defense is Diatomaceous Earth (fossilized remains of microalgae found in oceans and waters) it is organic, and I’m hoping that it will help.

Only time will tell.


This week I’ve started a third raised bed. I am putting some purple tomatoes in that one. Yes, purple tomatoes. I am really looking forward to those.


I also posted a picture of a second pallet raised bed I was building; I planted beefsteak tomatoes in there. They are looking pretty good. I have a couple of green tomatoes hanging from the vines and several flowers. Yay!! I can’t wait for some fresh tomato sandwiches!! I’ll be putting a cage over them soon to try to keep the animals away.


I realize that putting plants in the ground means that I will likely have some challenges. There will always be bugs to battle, animals that try to take the fruit, the plants have to be watered and weeded, and it all takes time.

Still, I love to watch things grow so I’ll continue to fight my battles.

Sometimes I’ll win, sometimes I won’t, and sometimes I’ll abandon the whole thing . But for sure, I’ll keep on keeping on.

How about you, you got any pickle worms in your life?