My husband and I went to the first annual Big Foot Festival in Marion, NC. It’s a small town but A LOT of people showed up for this festival, which was great for the economy. Steven and I went because the advertisements made it look like fun and, well, I wanted a big foot tee-shirt. It seems Marion underestimated the number of people they would get at this festival. It was hot, people where shoulder to shoulder, pretty much everyone sold out of big foot tee shirts, and they needed more bathroom access. But, we had a good time. My date (my husband) was great company, we laughed as we walked from vendor to vendor on the closed-off street, we met some very interesting people, and we even saw a couple of Big Foots (or is it Big Feet?). We are actually planning on going back next year. I think there might be a story in there somewhere. 

By the way, I got my big foot tee shirt, I ordered it online!