It is time for Fall, the leaves are starting to change color and some have made their way to the ground. School is back in session, Christmas decorations are coming into the stores (way too early for that in my opinion), more turkeys are in the grocery stores, Fall apples are waiting in decorated paper bags, apple cider (I love apple cider) is available, and the days are getting shorter. The signs tell me that soon I should be able to pull out my scarves, jackets, and wear my really cool socks; I really do have some great decorated and handmade socks. I also have some amazing handmade moccasins. It makes me happy to wear these clothes!

Fall has always been my favorite season. It feels like there is anticipation in the air. A sort of, “get ready cause it’s coming” kind of feel. I’m not always sure what is coming, but something new is just around the river bend. 2018 has been a year of challenges for my family; because of those challenges, I know 2019 will bring with it some big changes and new directions for us. Yep, anticipation, I will have new stories brewing in October, stewing in November, and sitting on simmer in December so they can be ready for 2019.

What are you anticipating this Fall?