If you read my blogs very often you can probably tell they are just ponderings.

I ponder most of the day and sometimes into the wee hours of the morning. I think about a lot of things; for instance, why do emergency vehicles have different sounds in different countries? OK, so I realize there is not a United Federation of Emergency Sounds, but really, why are they different? Who decided what was a good emergency sound? Was there a group of people who got together in a secret room somewhere and brought a bunch of noise makers to come up with the proper sounds?


I think about stuff like that. My brain just goes; it’s not like I intentionally think; stuff just pops in my head. It is not uncommon for me to exclaim, “Oh, my, gosh!!”, because something has just opened up in my head. I have been notified that there is something else to ponder.

These little sparks make me want to learn. I want to find out about things. I want to explore it all; visit museums, watch documentaries, talk to people, go to plays and the theatre. I want to travel to Ireland, Scotland, Alaska, California; take a cruise around the Caribbean. I want to experience life and think about it.

I have been asked many times, “Why do you think about things like that?”  I don’t know; thoughts just climb into my head and take a seat, so I ponder about it.

Since I am a storyteller and puppeteer, it is good that I think about things so much. Pondering is how I develop my stories and create my characters. 

Take some time today and ponder. You might be surprised what climbs into your head.