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My blog has been lost. Darn it!!!

I write my blogs ahead of time. I do my best to stay ahead of the game and most weeks I can do that but not this week, and not next week. I wrote my blogs but they have gone AWOL… absent without leave. When I saw that they were gone, I gasped and then shouted to no one, "NOOOOO!!"

This… was… not… my… plan!!! My plan was to have it all in order, to write something philosophical, to inspire, to speak truth. Oh well, so much for that.

This situation does remind me, however, of a mantra that my father often stated when I was growing up, “All plans subject to change without notice.” Ain’t that the truth? It is a mantra that still rings through my home and my siblings' homes, as well. 

Let’s face it, we all make plans — then sometimes our plans work out and sometimes they just don’t. The key is to change and keep on going. It might seem like everything is falling apart, but really they might be falling into place. Change leads you down a different path, to a new opportunity, often to something bigger and better. But let's be honest, sometimes it just rots, too!! In that case, you take a breath and change again.

Stuff happens. It is what it is. Sometimes it seems the only thing constant is change. So go ahead, make a plan and set priorities — but always keep this in mind as you tackle that to-do list: All Plans Subject to Change Without Notice.