My husband and I are going to be Grandparents!! Our oldest daughter, Genette, (ok…and her husband, Abe) will be having a baby this Fall. I am so very excited!!

My family has had a long season of hard challenges and the happy news of a new little one coming is helping us all to have a feeling of renewal. Bryon (our son) and Carmen (our youngest) are both thrilled about this baby, too. They are going to be an amazing Aunt and Uncle.

Genette and Abe have nick-named the baby Little Foot. Cute, huh? If you remember the Dinosaur movie from long ago, you know that there is a possibility of a dinosaur theme in the nursery.  They haven’t decided officially, though. Since their house is a fixer upper, there are renovations to be done before the baby arrives. The projects are happening slowly because they are doing the renovating themselves, but they are underway.

This November will be a very busy and happy month for us. Bryon and Amber will be getting married so Steven and I will have a new “bonus kid,” and Genette and Abe will become parents in the same month . The family grows.  What a lovely holiday season this will be for us. With all that has happened and is happening still, it is nice to look forward to some sweet events to make life richer.

And as always we’ll have a new story to tell!!


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