My computer! Good grief!! Do you ever hit buttons you are not supposed to hit or planning to hit and it causes your computer to do things you don’t want it to do OR it erases things you have worked on for several minutes and there is no way to get it back OR it freezes up  and you have to hit the on/off switch to get it to shut down only to find out that you have now, once again, erased (go ahead and take a breath) everything you have worked on because you THOUGHT you saved it but in actuality you didn’t save it OR some weird popup window shows up and you hit the X to make it go away only to have another pop up come on the screen THEN you put your computer on the bed to get yourself a cup of tea so you can make a noble attempt to keep going because you have so much work to do but when you get back to the computer you find (go ahead and take another breath before you pass out) that your cat has been lying down on the keyboard and has not only typed a really weird and oh so random message but this feline has also, somehow, sent that message to a client?

My computer!! Good grief!!

P.S. Please do NOT send this blog to the grammar police.