I'm partial to a great farmers' market; they're usually buzzing with good tales. Every booth and vendor has a different display and, if you take the time to listen, they will tell you their individual stories. Today, while visiting my daughter and her husband, we took the day to hang out in downtown Lynchburg, Virginia at the Lynchburg Community Market. It was such fun. Besides enjoying time with my husband and our daughter, we got to visit with several of the vendors. I discovered several new favorites.

The Brio Chocolatier was a delightful stop. I do LOVE chocolate, so this was a sweet (pun intended) pause for me. Each little bite of glistening chocolate was beautiful. The shine on each candy tempted us. We tasted a couple there and then bought a few (they're waiting for us to enjoy after our evening meal tonight). Sigh…dark chocolate is so soothing. 

The next stop was Evergreen Lavender Farm. The smell of their products is just heavenly, and their presentation makes lavender very interesting. If you check out their website, you’ll see how they grow their lavender and create their products. You can even take a class with them to learn about growing lavender or constructing a fairy garden. 

Then there was Helga’s Yarn Designs. Helga makes one-of-a-kind crocheted everything— from rugs to hats, cozy sweaters to unique neck warmers. She is from Germany, and I imagine she could tell me some great yarns (yes, this pun is intentional too). 

A day of new discoveries with two of my favorite people really hit the spot. The weather was perfect, the company perfect, the day was…perfect.

Here are a few pictures we captured of our day: