It is Sunday and I am still in California. My husband’s sister, Kristen, lives about 3 ½ hours away from Burbank where my son, Bryon, lives. Since Bryon was feeling pretty good (the further he gets away from his week of chemo, the better he feels), Kristen came to Burbank for a day trip visit. The three of us went to a local restaurant and while we were having a lovely lunch together we heard a joyful voice say, “Bryon, it’s good to see you eating.” We all looked up and there stood one of Bryon’s oncology nurses. Of course, she had seen Bryon at his worst from the chemo. How ironic to see her there. 

After lunch, Kristen, Bryon, and I walked along the sidewalk and chatted. After a stop for a scoop of ice cream, Bryon said, “Ok, I’m spent, I need to sleep.”  The whole visit lasted about 2 hours, but it really was a very enjoyable time. It was nice to see family.

After hugs and a quick picture, Kristen left, I dropped Bryon off at his place, and then I drove back to the area where I am staying. Along the way, I stopped at a park to walk some more and be alone for a while. As I was walking, I met a lady who was walking her dog. The dog was all muscle and I made a comment about it being part bulldog. She told me the breed was a combination of bulldog and pit. Trixie was the dog’s name and she was very sweet. 

“I’m Lona,” I said. 

“My name is Joy,” she replied. 

How ironic! The second woman named Joy that I have met and spoken with here in California. I wonder, does this mean something? Maybe it is just God’s way of letting me know there is plenty of Joy to be found, even in the middle of a very challenging time. I don’t have to look for Joy —Joy just showed up. All I had to do was say hello.

I took a bunch of pictures while walking in the park. The trees there were so very interesting. Leave a note and tell me what you think about them.