Today is Valentine's Day. I am spending this February 14th in Burbank, CA. My son, Bryon, lives here and he has cancer. I came to be with him while he had his first round of chemo last week. It was 5 days long, 5-6 hours a day. I know he is a grown man, but he sure does look small in that chemo chair. It is so very hard to sit and watch while toxins are injected, on purpose, into the body of your child. Talk about a broken heart!!

The good news right now is that his odds are good; the bad news is that those chemicals are really difficult on my kid. He has horrible nausea and the drugs exhaust him. The oncologist said that this treatment would be miserable and he certainly was correct.

I have to deal with this and occupy my mind so I don’t just fall apart. I like origami and it has been the one thing I can do while Bryon has chemo. I don’t seem to be able to concentrate on reading or writing much. Maybe I like the origami because each fold sets things in order. With each crease I pray, “God — my son, please remember my son. Remember all of these brave ones fighting here. Give their families and loved ones strength to endure. May the medications for nausea and pain work. Oh, Great Creator, give us grace.”

Bryon has 3 more rounds of chemo left; each round is five days, 5-6 hours a day of chemo then two weeks of rest.

If you have a moment, all of the families who are fighting together would embrace your good wishes, positive thoughts, and prayers. Then go and be with the ones you love, the ones who hold your heart, and enjoy their presence. Laugh, sing, and be happy!!

Thanks for the good thoughts!! They minister to a mother's heart.

When I go home on February 24th, I will be leaving my heart here in Burbank. My daughter, Carmen, has plans to come for Bryon's second round, I will be back for the third, then my husband will come for the fourth round. Bryon will have a family face with him each time.

Here are a few of pictures of Bryon and some of the origami pieces I folded and gave away while sitting in oncology.