I was scouting around for some trivia today. I sometimes just type in something on the internet and see what bits of information show up. Today I just typed in flying frog and I nearly croaked to find out there are really such strange creatures in this world. I had no idea, did you?

They are actually called Wallace’s Flying Frogs, and ok, so they really glide but I hope you can leap over that fact and hop along with me on this amphibian journey. They are named after Alfred Russel Wallace, a British naturalist and biologist (1823-1913), who discovered these creatures in the tropical jungles of Malaysia and Borneo.


Flying frogs' feet are large and webbed; they are called "flying" frogs because they can descend at a less than 45 degree angle, their webbed feet working like four little parachutes to glide them safely to the ground. How cool is that? They don’t have wings but they do work with what they've got. They don’t need wings to fly.

I’m telling you the truth, I’m not am-FIB-ian. After all, I read it on the web. Click below to read it for yourself!