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Lost and Found

Lost and Found


Lost and Found


I have been walking around the house for about 2 hours looking for my computer cord. What made it complicated was this: on Friday, one of the hoses from my washing machine detached and we had a flood on the bottom floor of our house. The water went from the laundry room, to the hallway, into the den, and my craft room. What a mess!!

I pulled out towels to soak up water, called my husband at work to come home and help. We moved stuff from the downstairs, up to our living room, and even into the kitchen. I hauled out my shampooer and started vacuuming water from the carpet, which was soaked.

After hours of piling up wet towels and dumping water outside, we took showers and left to go to visit our daughter in Virginia. It was planned trip — and what could we do but let things dry out?  Besides, I was emotionally drained! The visit was great and gave us an opportunity to get away from the mess.

We came home this evening and as we walked in the door, I knew I had to finish the blog post I had started before the trip (and the flood) so it could be put in the queue and ready to post. I sat down with my computer on my bed and started working. After a couple of minutes my computer was running low on power, so I reached for the cord — but it wasn’t near my computer. I looked in all the obvious places where it might be: beside the bed, on my desk, in the kitchen… it was nowhere to be found. I started searching the house, bounding over boxes and moving around the miscellaneous stuff that currently waits to be sorted and put away — no cord.

Bedrooms, dining room, kitchen… I kept searching throughout the house. No cord.

Upstairs, downstairs, under dressers... I even looked in the bathroom. Still no cord.

My husband started searching with me. We went back to all of the places I had looked before.

side pockets for bed cropped.jpg

Finally, after nearly 2 hours, he came down from the bedroom and asked, “Is this it?” He had found my cord! And guess what? I had put it away right where it belongs! A while back I made some bedside pockets that hang on my bed; this is where I keep my journal and my computer cord when I have those things in my bedroom. 

As for the search, was it time wasted? Not necessarily; my Fitbit indicated I was lacking in steps today. Not anymore, I’ve got plenty now. 

(And by the way, I still haven’t finished the blog post I started before the flood.)